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Ploey - You never fly alone

My reel (2013-2018)

About me

I’m Lies (pronounced as ‘lees’ 😉 ), a 3D rigger and mocap animator. Over the past few years, I’ve had the good fortune to work on three animated feature films and two animated shorts.
After my bachelor degrees of Multimedia & Communication Technology and Digital Arts & Entertainment, I first started out as a mocap animator, but after a while I also became a rigger as I like to investigate how people and objects move. I’m more of a technical artist than a creative artist. Knowing some scripting languages helps me in developing all kinds of rigs. Planning is something I like to do, which comes in handy as the supervisor of a rigging team.

The films I worked on are:

Next to my work as a rigger and mocap animator, I’m also a lecturer at Syntra. There I teach the 3D artist students basic rigging in Maya. Two years ago I was teaching them Particles and Dynamics in 3ds Max.

I love to teach, which is why I started following a teacher education. I expect to graduate as a teacher in june 2020.

In my personal time I like to go to theme parks with my boyfriend and friends. I’m a fan of Disney and Pixar movies. If I can find some spare time, I also like to spend time on my first passion, photography.